Current 3DS design the “final shape”

Nintendo 3DS’ not-to-be-considered-final design can be considered final, after all.

Nintendo of America boss man Reggie Fils-Aime previously said the retail product may differ from what was shown at the handheld’s E3 reveal — that’s where company reps were gathering feedback and reactions — but, as project designer Hideki Konno has now confirmed, no changes should be expected; the E3 design can be taken as “the final shape,” he’s told Wired.

Even the screens? Even the screens.

“The DSi XL was quite impactful with its very large screen, but the concept for the 3D is to have consumers bring it out of their homes and carrying it around,” he says. “If we make it too larger, consumers might not be able to carry such a heavy thing in their bags.”

“We wanted to make it compact.”