Double Fine’s new games have publishers, will be revealed soon

Double Fine’s new games, plural, will be announced “pretty soon”.

In the same interview where he threw a lovely five letter word Activision CEO Bobby Kotick’s way, studio head Tim Schafer confirmed that the studio’s next games have found a publisher or publishers.

“Uh-huh,” he said when asked the question.

What the games are or who’s publishing them is kept a secret for the time being, but not for long: “They’re going to announce the games pretty soon.”

A thing of note: during the interview, Schafer didn’t rule out a new Psychonauts game; “I didn’t say I wasn’t doing it.”

While all their games are always ‘wrapped up’ and happily left behind as stand-along products, Schafer explains, “some of them, like Psychonauts, there’s obviously more you could do with it.” So, could happen.

Same goes for a BrĂ¼tal Legend sequel: “With Brutal, there’s a lot of stuff we had to remove for the first game that I would love to see the light of day at some time, stuff that was really cool.”

All fingers crossed then.