Assassin’s Creed goes behind the iron curtain in new comic

One of the best things the original Assassin’s Creed did was involving real, historic characters in its world, and then explaining for their deaths/disappearance etc. Imagine taking that idea to a whole new level in Soviet Russia, where the conspiracies and theories of the Cold War could lead to endless possibilities.

Suddenly, Assassin’s Creed III sounds pretty exciting, but alas we’ll have to make do with the mini-comic that Ubisoft will be releasing. San Diego Comic-Con is holding a panel titled “Assassin’s Creed: Behind and Beyond the Brotherhood” on July 22nd that’s set to reveal all about the series and of course focus on Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.

That said, Ubi’s press release and the teaser trailer above give us a few glimpses of what to expect. Illustrated by Cameron Stewart and Karl Kerschl, this 3-part series looks to be set in Soviet-era Russia, with the trailer rambling on about some kind of metal. Sounds exciting!