Double Fine working on four games

Those games that Double Fine is working on and has publishers lined up for? Turns out there’s four of them. But they’re of the smaller kind.

During his talk at Develop today, studio head Tim Schafer clarified on the projects’ nature, saying they were among 8 “small and unique games” the studio started pitching after their publisher backed away from a Brütal Legend sequel.

“I had not prepared for that news. And suddenly we were running out of cash with a big team,” Schafer explained.

Enter the small concepts: “That was the fortunate thing. We had eight game prototypes – really small games – and we chose the best four and pitched them to numerous studios on a kind of road show.”

All four projects, while hush-hush for now, found their publishers, Schafer says, and include both downloadable and retail games. They should be revealed “pretty soon.”