“No-one’s fighting microtransactions anymore,” says Dust 514 developer

Like a dead-eyed housewife who has walked into a door one time too many to be believably blamed on that pesky inner ear infection, “no-one’s fighting [microtransactions] anymore,” according CCP, developer of upcoming massively multiplayer console shooter Dust 514.

In an interview with GamesIndustry, CCP’s senior director of business development Yohei Ishii claimed both console giants, Microsoft and Sony, have happily embraced Dust 514‘s non traditional business model, which emphasises games as continuing service rather than a one time sale.

“Both console manufacturers have been very open to the things that we’re looking for. They all know that games can be even more connected than where they are today. It’s not just about downloading the game and then you’re done,” he said.

“They see that number one they need to get there, number two they need to get MMOs and not just MMOs like Eve or Ultima or World of Warcraft, but other types of genre that could really fit in, that are already established. And microtransactions, everyone is looking at that. They’ve seen such success with downloadable content, it’s only one step further to take it to microtransactions.”

“It’s not like a few years back when it was ‘oh, free to play games, who would buy a dollar item?,'” he added. “No-one’s fighting it anymore.”