In case you forgot, Red Dead Redemption is still beautiful

Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption has been out for a while, and though the game certainly has some life left in it, most of the fanfare the game received on release has died down by now. Leave it to Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry to remind everyone of just how good this game looks. The site has recently cut together a beautiful montage of time-lapse shots showing off the game’s wonderful lighting and time cycles (not to mention its epic soundtrack).

You can watch it here.

Apparently, if a player leaves the game untouched long enough, the camera changes to a pre-defined “vista” view that shows off the game’s fantastic visuals. Pretty sneaky, Rockstar. Most people probably never notice this feature because of their console’s power-saving measures, or the fact that if they aren’t touching the controller, they’re probably not looking at the screen.

Red Dead Redemption remains one of the best looking games ever made, and probably the game with the best landscapes on the market.