Mega Man Universe announced with stop-motion trailer

Capcom has announced Mega Man Universe for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, also releasing a cute yet kind of bad-ass stop-motion trailer to go with it.

The trailer, below, shows an adolescent boy waking up to the sight of his room transforming into a Capcom-themed arcade, starting with his alarm clock reading “20:XX”. Much to the boy’s delight, a miniature Mega Man pops up on top of one of the cabinets and starts to blast bug-eyed enemies, take other robots’ weapons, and pretty much anything that comes with the territory of being Mega Man.

The trailer takes an unexpected turn, though, when Mega Man turns into Ryu from Street Fighter and Arthur from Ghosts n’ Goblins to dispatch more baddies, suggesting the presence of other franchises in the new game.

While no further details have been released, Capcom promises more details to be revealed at this month’s Comic-Con, so expect to hear more in the coming weeks.