PS3 to get more Mafia II DLC

PlayStation 3 seems to be getting a lot of DLC love lately, as 2K Games has announced another batch of free DLC for Mafia II. In addition to the recently revealed add-on content, Jimmy’s Vendetta, 2K Games unveils The Betrayal of Jimmy, a content pack that is said to be available for free download on launch day.

The Betrayal of Jimmy will put players in control of, well, Jimmy, a mercenary of sorts. Players will have access to a variety of arcade-style shooting and driving missions, complete with a leaderboard system. Gameplay details were also touched on for Jimmy’s Vendetta, as the DLC is said to play closer to traditional Mafia II gameplay. Players will be tasked with a slew of missions to be played through as Jimmy in both old and new locations, with the promise of leadboard competition.

The game’s slated for release in August for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. The DLC will be available on day one via voucher codes found in every PS3 copy or for $9.99 on PSN.