Plants vs. Zombies heads to XBLA, retail this fall

PopCap’s phenomenon of an RTS, Plants vs. Zombies, is heading to Xbox Live Arcade in ‘early September’, the company’s announced today. Complete with content the previous versions lack.

Going by a most convincing press release, those cooperative and versus modes, new mini-games, an in-game ‘house’ for tracking and sharing progress, and a resolution of 1920×1080 make the XBLA release the best one the franchise has seen yet. And 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) is what it’ll cost.

For a fiver more, the game, along with a Game of the Year release of the original PC/Mac versions — and PopCap’s other offerings Zuma and Peggle — can also be grabbed at retail ‘later this fall’.

Precise dates for any of the above are TBA though.