Crysis 2 multiplayer reveal coming in August

At the Electronic Arts Studio Showcase at the company’s campus in Redwood City, California, yesterday, an EA representative said Crytek will blow its Crysis 2 multiplayer load this August at GamesCom.

Unlike the original, which was a demanding PC exclusive, Crysis 2 is coming to consoles, and will have a significant multiplayer component. This much we know. However, what developer Crytek decides to show off this summer at the German game convention, remains uncertain.

That said, the game’s multiplayer beta was announced in June, and it’s likely safe to say those who signed up won’t get into the game until next month at the earliest.

I played Crysis 2 at the EA event, and well, I wasn’t flattered. But with the game penciled in for a Fall release, I’ll let Crytek polish the game and squash more bugs before passing my final judgement.