“Maulkiller” a pre-order bonus for Force Unleashed II

Fan service can be hard to come by, especially in games. Lucky for Star Wars fans, GameStop has announced pre-order bonus plans to include a “Maulkiller” skin (shown above) for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.

Before you panic like I did and struggle to remember where you saw Maulkiller in the Star Wars series and how you could have possibly forgotten him, take note that he is not only a new character, but literally the combination of Darth Maul and the game’s lead character, Starkiller.

The origin story, if you could call it that, behind Maulkiller has something to do with a cloning experiment getting out of control and Maulkiller going insane as a result. Thrilling, I know. In any case, it’s likely the story will not be featured in the game and Maulkiller will simply exist as something nice to suit up in.

Along with Maulkiller, players will also get an in-game silver lightsaber crystal item, which will allow to execute Force-related skills with less Force energy. No hacked-up origin story required.

The Force Unleashed II is currently prepped for an October 26th, 2010 release in the States, and the 29th in PAL regions.