Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions reveals its final setting

Remember the Ultimate Spider-Man videogame? It was probably the best Spidey game to date; building on the groundbreaking web-swinging from Spider-Man 2 and adding improved combat, better graphics, and a story for hardcore comic fans.

That universe is now set to make a comeback with Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, the dimension-swapping Spidey game that also let’s us take control of Amazing, Noir, and 2099 Spider-Men. In this fourth and final setting Peter Parker sports his black symbiote suit that is destined to become Venom, using it to whip the bejeezus out of his foes.

With a cel-shaded style, and colourful enemies like Carnage and Deadpool, this dimension is pretty easy on the eyes. Now that we know which Spider-people we’ll play as, there’s nothing left for us but to wait until we can actually play as them. That’ll be towards the end of the year.