Updated / Dragon Age II makes talking easier

Update: As commenter Jeffrey points out, this isn’t quite true. BioWare writer David Gaider has explained on the game’s official forums that the gameplay demo the information was based on was a “pretty action-packed” one and had only one conversation. That conversation had three options in it. However, “that’s not all we’re limited to.”

Head to the thread in question to see other developer responses to the matter as well.

Original story: Dragon Age II will be giving players fewer, more general, choices when in a conversation, BioWare has revealed.

The sequel comes with three choices, each represented by a symbol: “good” choices can be seen as an olive branch, “nasty” ones are branded with a Greek comedy mask, and “badass” remarks are crowned with a red fist.

Having fewer things to say doesn’t mean less options, though, as the game will at times give the player the option to let a party member handle the situation in his or her own way. BioWare gave an example, showing that opting to allow a comrade to “talk” to a group of orcs resulted in a gory cut-scene where the orcs met their doom at the hands of said comrade.

Look for the fantasy RPG to come out in stores March 2011.