OnLive is already popular, will be on many devices

“We’re far beyond what we had projected,” says OnLive honcho Steve Perlman of the recently launched gaming service’s subscription volume.

Perlman neglected to divulge specific subscriber numbers in his recent interview with CNET, but did riff on a number of different aspects of the forthcoming online gaming platform. The CEO promised that the odds of OnLive ever removing access to purchased content was “on the order of 0.1 percent.”

Moreover, Perlman explained how OnLive will utilize different platforms in the future: “You’ll see OnLive built into TVs, and you’ll see OnLive built into set-top boxes… We’ll figure out what the right timing is for the iPad, the iPhone, and the Android. Nobody can promise that Apple is going to permit an application to run, and we haven’t submitted it yet.”