Kratos gets that golden touch, Ghost of Sparta PSP footage

Someone woke up all cranky today as can be seen in a clip below showcasing some gameplay from God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Kratos doesn’t take no one’s crap in general, and King Midas is obviously no exception.

Developer Ready at Dawn explains the clip via the PS Blog, saying the scene shows off “a more immersive ‘in your face’ battle with up-close and personal brutality.”

“It cinematically presents the brutal, bulldozing force that Kratos exerts to obliterate each and every obstacle in his path (think Poseidon kill in GoWIII).”

The graphics don’t look half bad either. Impressive even, considering it’s a PSP game. You can see the woe in Midas’ face as he’s being wrenched across the rocky ground to his inevitable doom. The cries for help are a nice touch.

Dark? Probably. Entertaining? Definitely.