Updated / Maxis and BioWare, sitting in a tree with Darkspore

Update: Commenter Ari speaks the truth. An EA rep has given an update saying the only connection the title has to BioWare is Azania, who just also happened to work on Mass Effect 2. “That’s the extent of it.”

Original story: We should all be very aware of Maxis’ track record at this point, and if you’re not, you should really read up on it. But to make a long list short: whenever you think of practically any Sims game ever created, you automatically, and perhaps subconsciously, think of Maxis. Or at the very least, you should.

The point being, despite this impressive history, Darkspore developer Maxis will not be alone in the creation of said title. Revealed at Comic-Con, it would seem that none other than fellow EA studio is lending a hand; BioWare writer Malcolm Azania appears to be the lead writer on Darkspore.

In the past, Azania’s lent his talents to the relatively huge game that is Mass Effect 2.