Analyst: StarCraft II sales at 4.5mil in Q3, 6.5 in 2010

And we’re off; StarCraft II has now launched worldwide and is most likely performing incredibly well. Just how well? There are clearly no official numbers yet, but 4.5 million copies by September’s end wouldn’t raise an eyebrow for Lazard Capital Markets’ Colin Sebastian.

Citing strong pre-orders, the analyst reckons the long-awaited RTS will give Activision Blizzard “a strong start and positive outlook” for the third quarter, and expects sales to stand at 6.5 million before the year’s out.

Sebastian’s predictions fall in line with those of Wedbush man Michael Pachter who in May said the PC/Mac title would sell 4-5 million copies “quickly”.

Activision Blizzard will be releasing their second fiscal quarter results in just over a week; expect the first formal words of the RTS’s success then next Thursday at the very latest. Though chances are releases on the title’s day one sales will start flying around any day now.