Bleszinski wants to make a Gears Of War movie “more like District 9”

The long-rumored live-action Halo movie isn’t the only sci-fi shooter still hoping to one day grace the big screen, according to Gears of War‘s Cliff Bleszinski.

At this year’s Comic-Con International, the chainsaw-loving game designer hinted that the planned Hollywood adaptation of the game, helmed by Live Free or Die Hard director Len Wiseman before he left to pursue another project, might still happen, albeit with a greatly reduced budget and streamlined story. Wiseman’s take on the run, gun and rend with a mechanical saw material was budgeted around $100 million. That’s scraping the bottom of the money barrel for your average summer spectacular, but the hard R-rating and lack of a love story didn’t exactly have the studios falling over each other.

According to Bleszinski, he’s been trying to rework the script and lower the budget, aiming for something “more like District 9.” Sounds good to me, considering that with a measly $30 million in pocket change director Neil Blomkamp managed to create one of the most powerful and political alien movies ever made, and without skimping on the fiery explosions. Just please, leave out the love story! As awful as it was in Gears of War 2, where even the computer controlled character models seemed loathe to deliver the insipid dialogue, just image how painful it will be spilling from the mouths of Jay Hernandez and Mila Kunis.