PS3 3.41 firmware could possibly make updating your PS3 a less aggravating experience

Anyone who owns a PS3 knows that there are few things in life more infuriating than firing up that hunk of plastic only to find out that you need to spend the next ten minutes downloading and installing the latest firmware update. This wouldn’t be so annoying if it wasn’t for the fact that I have to do it seemingly every other time I turn the damn thing on, but thanks to the now infamous 3.41 patch, the amount of time spent groaning at the sight of a little white bar slowly filling up could soon be greatly reduced.

It was originally believed the only “improvement” made by last weeks patch was to add a “you might like” section to the PlayStation Store, but upon further review, it could also improve Sony’s archaic patching system.

It turns out the reason these firmware updates take so darn long is that, instead of just downloading the newly needed information over again, the PS3 actually re-downloads the entire firmware with the new stuff included. But now, instead of needlessly downloading almost four years worth of patches every time the system updates, firmware 3.14 will supposedly allow the system to update with only the latest information necessary. What a novel concept!