Worms Reloaded available for pre-order on Steam

Move over, TF2, a new violence-based hat simulator is coming to Valve’s popular download service.

UK developer Team17, who recently teased major news about their upcoming PC title, Worms Reloaded, certainly delivered on their promise. They’ve given the game pre-order bonuses, a trailer, gameplay info, and a release date—and look at that, it’s coming out real soon.

The game is the first 2D Worms game to be released on PC in a decade. Reloaded will have very similar gameplay to the classic Worms Armageddon, but feature updated graphics, new weapons and speech banks, an improved level editor, new game options, and everyone’s favorite way to show their individuality: hats! The game will feature over 70 hats for your customizing pleasure.

An awful lot has just been revealed about the game, and most of it is spelled out in detail on its Steam page. The game is set to come out on August 26th, but those who opt to pre-purchase will get to play a day early…also, they will get exclusive hats. HATS!