Battlefield 1943 eludes PC, EA dishes out pre-order paybacks

A continuing point of curiosity and speculation, the PC release for Battlefield 1943 grew another twist today. Previous attempts to acquire a refund for pre-orders were reportedly met with the assurance of a release date. This date was July 9, 2010. Needless to say…

At any rate the official release date courtesy of the Battlefield 1943 website remains a reassurance invoking “TBD”. This brings us up to July 30, 2010. Apparently realizing that a “no questions asked” refund would be easier than currently assigning a release date, EA has offered just this to customers and offered this statement to VG247: “All pre-orders can be canceled with refund at anytime and we do not have any further information at this time about a release date for the PC version of Battlefield 1943.”

While being sensible enough to offer up refunds for a product with an unknown release, this move is unsettling for PC gamers already wondering how long they’ll be waiting.