Star Trek Online’s The Foundry currently being tested

One of the issues reviewers had with Star Trek Online when it launched in February earlier this year were the repetitive nature of the missions, something developer Cryptic Studios is addressing with the creation of a new tool called The Foundry.

The Foundry is currently in beta and much like The Architect released back in July, is a tool for creation and customizing, only this time we’re not talking ships as much as pre-made planets with their own encounters, stories, as well as objects and entire star systems. It will even allow users to create a star system of their own, from scratch.

In addition to this, users will be able to create entire missions based on existing open-world areas and have the ability to browse through other user-generated content using The Foundry in a “Community Authored” part of the game. To ensure that whatever is made by fans has a certain level of quality attached to it, Cryptic will be inviting players to have a look at the missions, play them and veto them before they are ever released to the public.

As mentioned earlier, The Foundry is still in beta and there is no scheduled release date at the time, but once it’s out, we sure hope it rectifies some of the mistakes made and silences any doubters out there.