Slant Six Games set on Resident Evil project?

The 3DS is getting a healthy batch of Resient Evil titles, but we’ve all been holding out for news on a new home console Resi game for a long time now. It looks like Capcom are about to deliver; Kotaku has got their hands on a document saying that Slant Six Games is at work on a multiplayer 360/PS3 Resident Evil game.

So far all this developer has handled is some SOCOM spinoffs in the form of Confrontation on PS3, and Tactical Strike and Fireteam Bravo 3 for PSP. Not the most amazing of lists, but then the publisher also put faith in Blue Castle Games for Dead Rising 2, and that worked out pretty well.

The developer’s website states that they’re working on an unannounced project with a  “new publishing partner on a world class franchise.” It’s also said to be a multiplayer title, which isn’t something new to the franchise since Resident Evil 5.

Looks like all the pieces are coming together on this one. The question is when will we finally here more about Resident Evil‘s return to consoles?