Bad Company “a new stand-alone franchise” for EA

DICE’s squad-based, Battlefield-branded Bad Company series is now considered “a new stand-alone franchise” at mothership and publishing house EA.

Talking on the company’s Q2 fiscal 11 earnings call yesterday afternoon, COO John Schappert made the mini-revelation: “Today, Bad Company 2 is sold through almost 6 million units, more than double the sales of the original. Congratulations to the team at our DICE Studio in Stockholm for turning Battlefield: Bad Company into a new stand-alone franchise for EA.”

How soon the next game in the series may release is unclear though, with DICE busy with Battlefield 3 and all, but, as put by the publisher’s shooter and driving franchise head Patrick Söderlund yesterday: “It’s something we’re looking at what to do with.”

For now, Bad Company 2 loyalists have the Vietnam multiplayer expansion to look forward to. It’s expected before the year’s out, for 1200 MS Points / $14.99.