EA Sports MMA “off to a slow start,” will find an audience

EA Sports MMA, publisher EA’s entry into the mixed martial arts genre, is “off to a slow start,” the company’s admitted.

In a short blurb on the fighter, COO John Schappert said on the company’s Q2 fiscal 11 call yesterday: “MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts game, launched with a great roster of fighters and innovative online features. It’s off to a slow start, but we are optimistic that this one will find an audience of fight fans over the holidays.”

Schappert’s words follow the game’s debut at the not-too-impressive position of 23 on the UK’s weekly all-formats sales charts a few weeks back. It’s since slipped out of the top 40.

No US data is available.

Analyst Colin Sebastian referred to the title as “more or less dead on arrival” as it released last month, even doubting EA’s commitment to a future entry.