Kinect Sports’ launch trailered

Microsoft is presenting Kinect, its new motion control sensor, to the world at midnight and has high hopes for sales numbers this holiday season. With the official launch video above, showing what the ‘typical’ group of people could be doing with Kinect Sports, the company is showing off a major selling point of the sensor; gaming isn’t just about sitting on the couch, munching on Cheetos, and gulping Mt. Dew all day.

From bowling to table tennis, actually running while running track to jumping in volleyball, Kinect Sports looks to be something the whole family can enjoy. Just what Microsoft is after, I suppose. For those who do pick this one up, here’s a pro-tip: while bowling, pull your hands back like Ryu in Street Fighter and push them forward to see some flamey goodness.

While Kinect does sense voice commands, yelling “hadouken” is not required.