Rock Band wants a piece of European action

With the release of Rock Band 3 the franchise has sold over 16 million units; an impressive figure considering it’s not even a generation old yet. Still, developer Harmonix aren’t breaking out the champagne just yet; they want to conquer Europe first.

Speaking to MCV, CEO Alex Rigopulos revealed: “The UK and Europe is hugely important to us, and honestly it’s been a real disappointment that we haven’t reached the same level of success in Europe yet as we have in the US. It’s something we think and talk about constantly – the ways we can remedy that and realise the potential in Europe. And we’re doing that in a number of ways.

“In Rock Band 3 we’ve made more of an investment in European content than we have in the past, but more importantly with the Rock Band Network we’re actively reaching out to stimulate a community of content creators all across Europe to get some regional content on the platforms as well.”

So more European artists coming to rock out, then. What do people want? A little more Stereophonics, Bloc Party, or Feeder would go down a treat for me.