Shadow Complex devs go mobile with Infinity Blade

When Epic Games released Epic Citadel – which is essentially a really great looking tech demo – onto the App Store, over one million people grabbed it and ran the engine through its paces. Now, the studio has announced that Infinity Blade, a game based on the tech demo’s engine for iOS devices, is headed our way as early as this holiday season and is being developed by Shadow Complex developer Chair.

“More than one million people have been introduced to the world of Infinity Blade through our free app, Epic Citadel, and soon everyone will be able to play our first fully featured game for iOS devices,” said Dr. Michael Capps, Epic Games’ president. “With Infinity Blade, ChAIR has created an amazing looking, incredibly fun game that really demonstrates the potential of triple-A mobile gaming.”

Featuring sword wielding medieval knights and main character battles, Infinity Blade will probably not change from the setting of Epic Citadel, but will feature single and multiplayer modes as well as casual and hardcore modes. No price has been set but those iOS device owners looking for a reason to get on board will be happy to hear that all add-on content will be free after the initial purchase.