Dragon Age does Facebook

Dragon Age II is getting a social tie-in; BioWare’s announced Dragon Age Legends, a Facebook game that allows players to unlock in-game goods for the RPG sequel ahead of its launch next March.

To launch early next year, Legends promises to blend “accessible and engaging tactical combat with compelling co-operative gameplay perfectly suited for social networks,” all inspired by the dark fantasy franchise. The game’s goal, as put by EA 2D GM Mark Spenner, is to “change the perception of social network games and attract new players to the Facebook platform by raising the quality bar.”

Dragon Age Legends will deliver a deep, sophisticated experience, and we will continue to delight gamers by adding new features and content far into the future.”

The game is said to come complete with character customization, upgrades, quests, story, loot, and allows players to share rewards and grow their kingdom.

Expect it sometime in February 2011.