MS: Hybrid Kinect games in the works

Hybrid Kinect games are on the way, Microsoft has once more assured. They already exist in fact.

Chatting with, Kinect man Alex Kipman has said that games which mix the traditional Xbox 360 controller with the just-released motion sensor can “make those experiences more immersive, more fun and more emotionally connected.”

Hand signals in the new Ghost Recon, anyone?

“This is where I look at the world, and I know it’s easier to look at the world and talk about ‘or,’ but I look at the world and I talk about ‘and,'” Kipman continued. “It’s about how we take all of these things and fuse all of them together to create unique experiences.”

“It doesn’t always mean using the same colors, the same paintbrushes — the stories you tell are about using the appropriate combinations of all of the colors and brushes to create something meaningful.”

Core games with Kinect functionality may not be far off. Epic’s Mark Rein has said that all new Xbox 360 games from the studio may have some form of Kinect support; “We always want to have something that exploits the unique capabilities of a platform,” he said last year.