Bodycount slips as Codemasters loses GM

General manager Adrian Bolton has left Codemasters Guildford, the company behind Bodycount, which is said to be the spiritual successor of 2006’s Black.

Game designer and creative director Stuart Black was working on Bodycount when he suddenly left the developer, and with the departure of Bolton, the game has now slipped to an “early summer” release rather than the “spring 2011” date it was scheduled for.

“In common with other software publishers, has that resulted in delays? It’s absolutely resulted in some delays,” said Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens.¬†“As a consequence of that, have we looked at the studio and how the studio’s run? Sure, we look at that. I also think that’s normal business. I don’t think it’s any more sinister than that. People have a habit of reading into it, and two plus two becomes five, but we plan to publish the game in early summer next year and we’re not being any more specific than that because we’re not prepared to compromise on the quality.”

However, the exit of Bolton and Black doesn’t mean the game is in any danger of being canceled, rather the other way around, Cousens assured. The game is in safe hands.

“He’s left, but I don’t think the company centres around one person,” Cousens said. “If I left I don’t think the company falls over,¬†someone will fill the void. I don’t see it as any threat to either the well-being of the product, the well-being of the studio or the well-being of the company. I don’t think it’s life threatening.”