EA announces Battlefield Play4Free from the developers of Heroes

EA are taking their Battlefield Heroes concept to the next level with Battlefield Play4Free, a new entry into the franchise that (obviously) won’t cost you a cent to play. This isn’t a cartoony 3rd person shooter like Heroes though; this is a full-on Battlefield FPS, taking inspiration from both Modern Combat and Bad Company 2.

We saw a bit of the game at the EA Showcase this week, and it’s certainly an impressive spectacle, taking the maps of Battlefield 2 and combining that with the gunplay from Bad Company 2. It looks like a fully fleshed out online shooter, and incredibly polished for a free title.

There’s a closed beta coming at the end of the month, and you can sign up for that here. The full thing is headed for a Spring 2011 release. Check out the trailer above to get an idea of what it’s all about (screenshots here), and stay tuned for our hands-on impressions later today.