Giveaway / Vanquish x2

Haven’t sped down to the shops to pick up a copy of Platinum Games’ Vanquish yet? Well then you’re in luck then; SEGA were kind enough give to us two copies of the speedy shooter; one for PS3, one for 360, and they’re sitting next to me now, waiting to be shipped right into your hands.

This is good news for you simply because Vanquish is awesome; the video game equivalent of becoming the Roadrunner and escaping Wyle all the time just without the “meep meep”.

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We’ll then put theĀ info through our super expensive super computer which will give us a cryptic code that we will decipher the winner’s names from. This process usually takes a weekend to carry out, so expect a message on Monday; keep an eye out for that!

Until then, if you haven’t already, why not blow up or a neighborhood or two below?