Kinect as accurate as traditional controller?

Microsoft’s Kinect and its motion tracking system certainly are a bit of a marvel of modern technology. As with all modern technology, however, that doesn’t make the Kinect’s controls automatically practical. There will still be instances when a traditional controller would make simple commands easier.

Kinectimals developer David Braben doesn’t necessarily agree with that statement. He seems convinced that Kinect’s accuracy is superior to the old analogue stick we’re used to playing with. “People imagine that the analogue stick or D-pad on the controller is extremely accurate as we have got used to the way shooters control aiming with a gun, but that is only because the aiming is incremental,” says Braben. “In other words, you are controlling the speed of the movement of the gun sight, not the position directly.”

“If you were to control the position directly with a controller, then it would be impossible to hit anything,” explains Braben, “but Kinect is accurate enough to do that without having to drive a cursor around.”

As it is with such things, we’ll believe it when we see it. Meanwhile, Braben there are things to be tweaked in Breban’s own Kinectimals; issues with ball throwing and menu navigation could surely use some… adjustments.