The MMO Round-Up / Nov 7

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

Jack Emmert of Cryptic discussed the possibility of a free-to-play Star Trek Online but that depends on how free-to-play works with Champions Online.

After the debacle that was Final Fantasy XIV’s launch, Square Enix is hard at work attempt to regain the trust of fans and investors.

Champions Online previewed the new archetype system coming with the transition to free-to-play.

Drama surrounding 38 Studios’ transition to Rhode Island isn’t over as the deal has butt heads with the state’s Governor-elect.

Rumor has that NCSoft’s Soul & Blade’s testing phase has been pushed until 2012.

Aion’s latest dungeon Beshmundir Temple is getting a hard mode of which you can see it now previewed.

A massive scale invasion in City of Heroes has begun as the Rikti have returned but this time in larger numbers.

The everlasting Korean MMO Lineage II has an unnamed expansion in the works and released a preview trailer this week.

The latest patch for Dark Age of Camelot went live on servers this week and you can see the patch notes right here.

Family friendly MMO Wizard101 has partnered up with GameStop to offer up some goodies.

Undead Labs called out other MMOs as “barely being games” in its recent manifesto.

The next patch coming to Runes of Magic will feature a brand new desert zone.

Nexon is bringing some sweeping changes to MapleStory with the game’s next major update, also there’s a video.

Rejoice Apple users, the Mac version of Free Realms is now available.

Big updates are coming RuneScape’s way this month as the game prepares for the changes.

Jack Emmert reckons that you’ll have to beat World of Warcraft to keep a successful subscription based MMO alive.

The classes for the new Skaven race in Warhammer Online were released this week.