Mass Effect 2’s PS3 introduction? An interactive comic

Mass Effect 2 was announced for PS3 way back at Gamescom, but with no word on the original game coming over BioWare have said they’ll make sure newcomers don’t get lost. How, you may ask? Producer Jesse Houston has finally revealed the answer to that burning question; an interactive comic covering Mass Effect 1.

“While I can’t release all the details about this yet, what I can tell you is that we want to create a stunning visual experience that not only tells the core story elements of Mass Effect 1, but also is fully interactive allowing you to be faced with some of the major choices which will have consequences your [sic] Mass Effect universe,” Houston revealed on the developer’s forum. So making the choices in the comic will obviously reflect your Mass Effect 2 game.

The PS3 version will also include the DLC packs Lair of the Shadow Broker, Project Overlord, Kasumi: Stolen Memory and the Blood Dragon Armour. Plus, through the Cerberus Network you can pick up the The Zaeed and Firewalker content. The disc is set for a January 2011 release.