More remastered classics coming to PS3

The days of backwards compatibility have become a distant memory for PlayStation 3 owners. Yet, that doesn’t mean that great PlayStation games of yore need be forgotten. As evidenced with the recently released God of War Collection, many people have an appetite for playing remastered classics on current machines. And there’s reason to believe that more such remastered collections will be on the way.

An anonymous source at Sony recently spoke with fan site and hinted strongly at what’s in store for revivals of old games. “The industry’s best developers are ReMastering their best games. Prince of Persia, Shadow of Colossus, and ICO are just the beginning,” quoth the source. Perhaps most interginstly, he/she/it went on to say, “When fans see what Konami’s doing to the Metal Gear series, and what Square’s doing with Final Fantasy, they’re going to be very happy.”