New LittleBigPlanet2 video features the Creatinator

MediaMolecule continues the hype machine on their PS3 flagship’s sequel LittleBigPlanet 2, as game devs do with their games that are within months of release, with a video showing off one of the game’s new items: the Creatinator. The short of it is it looks pretty damned sweet. The long of it is it’s a gun that shoots about a million different things. The video shows it being used to put out fires, make a mound of crap you can climb, shoot enemies, and even to build a bridge across a huge gap.  There is a line in it, “If you can create it, you can launch it,” and apparently you can create, among other things, cupcakes, old rotary dial radios, and red stiletto heels. The potential for this thing actually gets me pretty excited for the game, namely in the form of multiplayer shenanigans.

The game will be released January 18, and I expect/hope to see some awesome YouTube videos of… I don’t know… sackpeople getting crushed in millions of different ways?