All forthcoming Rock Band DLC incompatible with RB1/RB2

It’s that time again! Time to trade in your old copy of Rock Band for the latest one with go faster stripes and go faster…keyboard. As of October 26, 2010, all downloadable tracks released will not be compatible with the older Rock Band games.

The news comes from a Harmonix representative who’s announced that the new tracks can’t be played on older games “due to the new authoring standards, inclusion of new instruments, new lighting / venue cues, etc.” Makes sense in a way, I suppose.

Any songs released after said date will not show up in the old Rock Band in-game store, nor will they show up in the stand-alone music store app or under RB1 or RB2 on the console’s marketplace.

If they announce more Rush and some Porcupine Tree as DLC, I might have crack and get the new Rock Band then.