New SSX game in the works?

According to the spotter, superannuation, EA has registered a number of domains that indicate a new snowboarding game based on the SSX franchise might be in the works.

The domains registered are,,, and, which after a few minutes of speculating back and forth, clearly names the title Deadly Descent, with a possible Wii (or handheld) version named First Descent. But then again, speculation.

If true, a new SSX game is more than welcome to try to salvage the near death experience the franchise had with its last outing, SSX Blur. With PlayStation Move and Kinect out, it would be a safe bet to say gamers will have the option to play the game using these techs.

Could this game be linked to Criterion? It was rumored earlier this year that the Hot Pursuit developer was simultaneously working on an SSX game. That would be mental, wouldn’t it?