Krome confirms layoffs, studio “still open”

Good news and bad news on the recent rumors regarding Australia’s Krome Studios closing their doors. The good news is, they haven’t gone “down under” and are still open for business. The bad news is the layoffs have been confirmed by their CEO Robert Walsh. Part of the cause of these layoffs was due to Krome’s unusually large size, having 400 people on staff even when work was scarce.

“To be really honest, that’s pretty much led to our current position,” Walsh explained. “We probably kept 100, 120 people on, waiting for work to come in.” Krome is looking to put that behind them, focusing on a “smaller, core team”, to focus on the work they do have. “My goal right now is to try and find as much work as possible for the people we’ve got, and still look for more work to get people back,” Walsh reassured.