Rumor: Second Overkill game in the works

The Wii-exclusive House of the Dead: Overkill is getting a follow-up, rumor has it.

Alleged sources close to Sega have whispered to NintendoLife that a zombie-slaying sequel to the 2009 title is ‘well under way’ and should be ready for consumers in mid-2011.

When asked for comment, Sega responded with the standard ‘no comment on rumor or speculation’.

It’s not very far fetched though; the publisher has said the original’s sales “absolutely met our expectations,” plus the title garnered mostly positive words from critics. Mix that with developer Headstrong Games’ past interest in doing a second game and a new entry appears fairly likely even.

Fun fact: Overkill once held the record for using the word “f**k” more frequently than any other videogame: 189 times. It had to relinquish that crown to 2K Czech’s Mafia II earlier this year though.