EA signs several independent developers, announces games

EA’s entered into partnerships with three independent developers and plans to give its publishing backing to as many downloadable games in 2011, the company’s announced.

First up is Trapdoor and their sci-fi stealth actioner Warp, due out on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and PC. Expect “a top-down sci-fi world with a distinctive art style, addicting levels, hazardous traps and challenging puzzles.”

Next: The browser-based flash game The Fancy Pants Adventures will be making the jump to both XBLA/PSN. This one’s developed by Over The Top Games in partnership with Borne Games and EA 2D.

And lastly, there’s Vanguard Games and their dual-analogue shooter Gatling Gears. The XBLA/PSN/PC title is coming from the makers of Greed Corp and takes place in the same universe, though a new lead man — Max Brawley — has been appointed. Here’s what’s promised: “In this eclectic steampunk setting, players fill the air with lead as they try to defeat a monopolistic corporation that is depleting the world of its natural resources.”

All three will be out next year; Warp in the summer,  The Fancy Pants Adventures and Gatling Gears in the spring.