Former Riddick devs’ new game powered by id Tech 5

Bethesda parent ZeniMax has announced the first studio to make use of the impressive id Tech 5 other than its creator id Software: MachineGames.

The bit is included as the acquisition of the Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay creators’ new studio is made official.

No details on the project just yet, just big promises from executive producer and studio CEO Jerk Gustafsson: “MachineGames has assembled a dedicated team that has extensive experience working together to produce quality games. We are excited to create a new AAA title for gamers on id Tech 5 that will push the game development envelope.”

That’s it. No (code)name, no release date/month/year.

id’s own Rage and Doom 4 remain the only other games known to make use of the tech.