Two Worlds II publisher irked by “lazy buggers” at Sony

Publisher TopWare/Zuxxez CEO Dirk Hassinger is “hopping mad” at Sony; the “lazy buggers” at the platform holder apparently didn’t get the RPG sequel Two Worlds II pressed in time for the European launch date, which was this Tuesday.

“The PS3 version wasn’t delivered on schedule for release,” the exec wrote on the game’s official forums (via). “We can choose our pressing plant for PC and 360, but unfortunately not for PS3. I’d preferably post the email and phone number of the lady responsible at Sony here. We’re hopping mad!”

A press release on the delay can’t be issued until Sony greenlights it, but if Hassinger had his way, it would read along the lines of: “Sony needs too much time for the production because mainly lazy buggers are working there.” That’s proper hoppin’ mad I’d say.

The delay could lead to the cancellation of the PS3 version altogether should Sony take his outburst into heart, Hassinger even suggests. But, it is currently scheduled for post-Christmas release, along with the NA, UK, and AUS launches (the game was scheduled for a 2010 release in Europe only).