Deadliest Warrior hurt by licensed-game stigma, say devs

Pipeworks, makers of the Xbox Live game Deadliest Warrior, based off of the hit Spike TV show, recently gave a postmortem interview to Gamasutra in which they said they believed many did not give the game a fighting chance due to it being based off of a TV show.

“The premise of the IP makes perfect sense for a game, yet there were countless gamers and reviewers that immediately blew this game off as garbage without picking up a controller to give it an honest go,” Pipeworks producer Jeremy Mahler said. “Regardless of the game’s content and fun factor, the stigma of being based off of a TV show is still present.”

Still, things weren’t all bad. Spike Game Creative Director Prithvi Virasinghe was pleasantly surprised by some of the reception: “We were able to get a lot of positive press coverage — most in the vein of ‘I really thought this game was going to suck, but was really surprised by how much fun it was.'”

As of this writing on Metacritic, the game currently has a score of “53” among reviewers, and an “8.3” among user reviews.