MLG playlist coming to Halo: Reach soon(ish)

One of my favorite part of Halo 3 was its Major League Gaming playlist for matchmaking. Battle Rifle start? Of course. No Radar? A given. Serious players? Always there.

According to a line in this week’s Bungie Weekly Update, MLG has submitted its playlist specifications to Bungie, and the developer is working to get a playlist ready for matchmaking.

Bungie is currently planning a mid-December release date for the MLG playlist, barring any test complications (please no!).

It’s also important to note that MLG has released some of its MLG gametypes for Reach (download here), but just know, they aren’t officially official until Bungie launches a dedicated playlist for them.

Did you play the MLG Playlist in Halo 3? If so, are you looking forward to it in Reach?