The Sly Collection/Trilogy set for release from December 1st in Europe

While it was about this time last year that American PS3 owners got their hands on the God of War Collection, European gamers had to wait until early 2010 to grab a copy.

We were a bit worried it’d be the same case with The Sly Collection (named Sly Trilogy in Europe) which is out this month in the US. Thankfully that isn’t the case; the game will be available from December 1st for most of Europe. Australia and New Zealand will get it the day after and the UK and Ireland follow last on the 3rd.

The collection packs in all three Sly games remastered in HD  as well as full 3D support and a bunch of Move minigames. Priced at €39.99/£29.99, there’s a lot of bang for your (British) buck packed in there.