The MMO Round-Up / Nov 14

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

It looks as though defunct action MMO APB may have been purchased by GamerFirst and could relaunch this year.

Lifetime subscriptions have made their way back to Champions Online as the game gets ready to enter the three pronged — normal subscription, lifetime subscription and free-to-play — model for the game.

Undead Labs updated their dev blog this week to discuss the MMO social experience.

CCP has delayed the released of EVE Online’s next expansion called Incursion but not before releasing many of its details.

The Transformers MMO will be going world wide as it will get ported to other countries.

The action oriented MMO Dynasty Warriors Online was launched earlier this week.

The free-to-play version of Champions Online gives players cookie cutter archetypes to use and this week Cryptic previewed the eight class types you can choose from.

The assess from Stargate Worlds was awarded to Cheyenne this week but MGM also pulled the IP’s licence from the developer.

NCSoft is activating dormant accounts of Lineage II for free so that players can come and try out the game’s new expansion.

Battlestar Glactica Online went into beta and have released a handful of screenshots.

Adventurine talked about Darkfall optimizations and offline leveling in their latest developer blog.

EVE Online’s community driven Counsel of Stellar Management will be holding a public round table Nov 21st, be there or be square.

BioWare previewed crew skills this week for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Square Enix put in painstaking detail the road map for upcoming content changes heading to Final Fantasy XIV.

NCSoft detailed this week the changes coming to Aion in the 2.1 update including skyrocketed item drop rates.

On the heels of the Tribes MMO announcement Hi Rez Studios assured players about Global Agenda and released details from upcoming PvP and high-end PvE changes coming to the game.

Turbine has simplified Lord of the Rings Online‘s crafting windows and has updated farming recipes.