EVE Online expansion delayed, split into three parts

The free expansion of outer space MMO EVE Online — named Incursion — will not be released in November as previously planned. Rather, developer CCP has decided to release its content gradually over the next three months. The expansion will be split into three parts.

Because of CCP’s commitment to  release two free expansions of EVE every year, the first two parts of Incursion will be released in 2010. The first is considered a “beefy mini-expansion” and will become available on November 30. While we think the use of “beefy” and “mini” in the same description is confusing, we do know that the package will feature new courier missions and small balance changes.

The second patch is coming just before Christmas, but CCP is not revealing anything about that yet. The final expansion will come in January and include the new character creator.

For fans of EVE Online it’s probably a bummer  that they won’t be getting the whole expansion at once, but at least the three parts are being released in a timely manner.